Edouard !

EDOUARD ! (Belle Epoque ! / Maxim's)

Edouard ! has led a colorful career as Dj.
He is also the creator and promoter of a famous and trendy french party from 2003 untill 2012, called "Electrochic".
Former creative director of one of the biggest club in Paris, the Showcase, he launched a new project in 2010 "Belle Epoque !". Every Friday, he turns the worldwide and popular restaurant Maxim's, temple of the parisian nightlife since 1893 into a multi-level club.

Edouard ! began learning the basics of djing, at quite a young age when he was still a teen, with Chicago House Music and Techno from Detroit in the 90's when it blew up dancefloors through Europe.
At this time he spent many sleepless nights dancing and anticipating the DJ's next record, a feeling that is crucial in learning to control the dancefloor.

Edouard ! feels that his experience in enjoying Music in the 90's through legends such as Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Claude Young, Dj Pierre, Roy Davis Jr, Green Velvet, Paul Johnson, Dj Sneak, Laurent Garnier, Moodyman, Frankie Knuckles has made him a true student of the mix.
Born and raised in Paris, Edouard ! has entertained House and Electronic Music fans in many cities (NYC, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Doha, Bali, Marrakech, St Tropez, Paris...) in virtually every setting that a DJ may be challenged with, including underground and private parties, small and big clubs (Showcase Club, Queen, Rex, B.C., Neo, Maxim's, Le Cab, Supper Club, Crystal, F12...), beach parties, bars or lounges (Bozin/Marrakech, Wahm/Doha).

His enthusiasm of all types of music ranging from Hip Hop, Rock, Disco, Oldies, Jazz, Classic has made him a believer in House and Electronic Music in its truest sense, that it is an energy that welcomes all styles and influences.

Although Edouard ! spins an eclectic set that is recognizably "dance music" in its true meaning, he has an uncanny ability to surprise his crowd with a track they never thought that they would dance to.
Also his experience, love and culture of Music in its global definition makes Edouard an all-round DJ able to kick any dancefloor!
Today he enjoys playing Tech House, Minimal and of course House Music. So depending on the way he feels the energy of the gig you can get some Andhim, Sascha Braemer, Daniel Bortz, Niconé, Siopis, Luciano, Thomas Schumacher, Dennis Ferrer...

His aim is to always have a dancin' floor !

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